Can NFTs save the live events industry?- Issue 30: CognitionX – AI and The Future of Marketing

AI & The Future of Marketing

Online reputations have never been more important. Whether it’s a job you’re looking for, or a date, we are all curating our profiles and polishing our online presence, every day. The FT article below gives a fantastic summary of the companies and startups promising to clean up our reputations and improve personal SEO.

It’s clear that looking after your digital assets is now as important as maintaining your physical or financial assets. Controlling your personal brand through an SEO-optimised profile is key too. Digital assets are growing, not least NFTs – do they have the potential to rescue live events?



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As the FT asks, can a single tweet kill a successful career – is there any way to insure against this? This in-depth article looks at the myriad of companies promising to give you a digital clean-up and future-proof your online reputation.

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Consider a digital ticket in the form of an NFT — a potential game-changer for live events. NFTs pose an opportunity to add any perk you want to make the offering valuable and unique.

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Trained on nearly 1 trillion words pulled from across the internet, the generator, known as GPT-3, is able to mimic the style of a piece of writing based on something as short as a single passage. Now marketers are embracing AI like this for content creation.

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Inconsistent data quality is holding marketing teams back from converting leads into sales, accurately tracking campaign performance, and taking on the larger challenges of optimizing product mix and product/service revenue forecasts.

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With always-on digital connections and step-changed consumer demands, the grocery store experience is evolving. From text-based customer service to virtual kitchens, we visualize the tech changing our trip. From micro fulfilment to refill services CB Insights surveys the post-pandemic  grocery store.

And for more insights on grocery consumerism in the wake of Covid, catch Glovo CEO, Oscar Pierre at CogX Festival 2021.

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