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AI & The Future of Marketing

Has Google eaten our lunch? The advertising ecosystem is asking itself that question.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, reported record results on Tuesday as people turned to search and other online services whilst stuck at home during the pandemic. Revenue in Google’s core search business grew 30% to $31.9bn and YouTube revenues grew 49% to $6bn. Even Google Cloud revenue was up over 45%.

Google and Facebook continue to dominate advertising, and as some of the pieces below suggest, it’s the future digital consumer – looking for social, search, and shoppable content – who’s likely to be of most value.




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MediaPost reports that Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reported first-quarter earnings that exceeded analysts’ estimates. The boost came from a pick-up in advertising. First-quarter revenue came in at $55.3 billion, with Google Search at $31.8 billion, Google Cloud revenue at $4.05 billion, and YouTube ads at $6.01 billion. YouTube ads were anticipated to have grown by 42% to $5.8 billion.

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For the first time, Spotify is letting podcasters on its platform offer subscriptions to their shows. A waitlist will open, so podcasters can sign up to be included in the expanded rollout in the coming months

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DoorDash, the biggest food delivery app in the US is shaking up the fees it charges restaurants, in the hope that it can push more merchants into paying it as much as 30 per cent of each order. This 30 per cent tier has the widest delivery radius and includes additional marketing and app visibility. A Pivot podcast invites DoorDash COO Christopher Payne to explain.

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The rise of shoppable content is driving conversions. The approach provides shoppers with inspirational, actionable and quick opportunities to purchase at the speed of their multichannel journeys. This article looks at the digital consumer of the future.

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A British technology company has invented a new technique for inserting product placement into films from any era. Using artificial intelligence, advertising company Mirriad can insert displays for products directly into the film environment, such as a sign for the latest Samsung or Aldi’s caterpillar cake

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How should you, and your agency, prepare for AI? This article looks at how AI is being used in digital marketing, and how it can help you and your marketing team get better results from their marketing efforts. The Drum offers this primer on incorporating AI into marketing and outlines the commercial benefits.

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