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AI & The Future of Marketing

It’s a packed newsletter with loads happening in digital and virtual marketing at the moment. But we’ve highlighted SK-II who, inspired by the streets of Tokyo, has launched an amazing collection of six animated films, that immerse the audience in a bustling city intersection to create the feeling of being in a crowd.

Each enchanting episode in this virtual cineplex is based on the real-life experiences of six Olympic athletes who take on a variety of social issues. Through an amazing mix of animation and live action spanning genres like sci-fi, fantasy and sports, the overall lesson seems to be, our destiny is in our own hands. To visit the city and #changedestiny check out the ‘VS’ Series below.



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Visit the immersive city built by SK-II and uncover the advice and tips that six of the world’s finest Olympic athletes share as they take on the social issues of our time. Check out the VS Series and #changedestiny

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Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner says his company is working on NFT technology, and that it could be applied to collectibles in the company’s portfolio. He said “NFTs are a real opportunity for us…we have so many brands that really operate on multiple demographic levels; whether it’s Transformers, whether it’s Magic and…and brands like G.I. Joe.”

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Pepsi’s first foray into Tik-Tok is here. The team carefully planned the launch of a popular #PepsiChallenge. More here on how Pepsi lets fans reply to videos from accomplished soccer stars — Leo Messi, Paul Pogba, Shanice Van de Sanden, and Jadon Sancho — with their own trick

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Marketers are on the verge of using AI-powered technology to make decisions about who you are and what you want based purely on the sound of your voice. We’re in the early stages of a voice-profiling revolution that companies see as integral to the future of marketing.

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Brands and agencies have embraced gaming as a means of tapping into a broad, diverse audience. A new survey of 172 brands and agencies and 344 consumers who play in-app mobile games finds that 70% of marketers are allocating their digital marketing budget to mobile in-game ads, or plan to start this year.

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Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) top marketer Marc Pritchard is looking to China, saying “If you want to see the future, look to China…China is where transformation is happening. The market flipped a few years ago from the old brand building model to a digital ecosystem, from bricks and mortar to e-commerce.”

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The company is keen to continue its growing investment in digital operations, particularly e-commerce. Speaking on an investor call last week, Alan Jope, CEO said, “We have the second biggest data estate on Amazon’s cloud because of the huge consumer and customer database that we’re building…” More on their digital transformation here. 

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