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AI & the Future of Marketing


Japanese health and beauty company, MTG, is selling the “Evering,” which it is positioning as a one-stop digital wallet.  The Covid-19 pandemic has made contactless payments much more popular: Amazon is promoting cashier-less stores in Ealing, employing palm-activated payments. In Japan, some stores are more like cashier-less kiosks at train stations. And in China, ‘smile to pay’ facial recognition has been trialled by KFC.

The ‘Evering’ is the latest example, allowing users to make payments by holding it over a payment terminal. Priced initially at 19,800 yen ($182) in Japan, the ring is waterproof, doesn’t require charging, and is linked to a credit card accessed via your smartphone.

Will we soon be using our jewellery to lock our doors, store our credentials and pay for our shopping in-store?




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MTG Co., a Japanese health and beauty company, has started selling the “Evering,” which it envisions as a one-stop digital wallet. The chip-embedded ring, made out of zirconia, the synthetic crystal that’s sometimes used in place of diamonds in jewelry, lets people lock their door as they step out for a run as well as pay for drinks in stores.

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Self-portraits by a robot artist have gone on display at the Design Museum. The life-size “ultra-realistic” android, named Ai-Da following its creation in 2019, is the first of its kind in the world, according to the London museum. The robot uses AI algorithms to produce works that comment on the current and future uses of artificial intelligence.

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Dating Apps are attempting to make getting vaccinations “sexy” in a new partnership with the White House. Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid are amongst the dating apps that are part of the initiative, which will allow users to see if their potential dates are either fully vaccinated, not yet vaccinated or ‘prefer not to disclose’.

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As digital marketing evolves—and more and more opportunities arise to effectively measure impact—understanding what really drives creative effectiveness is key. Working closely with Facebook, Heineken partnered with CreativeX, an AI-based creative analytics company, to identify potential elements of creative effectiveness.

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AI company, Faculty has announced a £30m investment in growth funding led by Apax Digital Fund, which could create over 400 new jobs and deliver “AI as a Service’ globally. This will accelerate international expansion in response to growing customer demand: Faculty won 52 new customers in the last financial year including Redbull, Virgin Media and Moonpig.

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