Big tech is worried. Here’s why…

The week’s tumultuous events have posed some worrying problems for Big Tech. 

Firstly, The shocking events from the capital mob have ignited calls for further regulations to be placed on big tech companies. The Times reports on how the European commission has hailed President Biden’s inauguration as a “new dawn” for transatlantic relations and warned US internet companies that a new era of regulation was on its way.” 

Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commision states

“There is one thing that we politicians can, and must, do: we must make sure that messages of hate and fake news can no longer be spread unchecked, since, in a world in which polarising opinions are most likely to be heard, it is a short step from perverse conspiracy theories to the death of police officers,”

Secondly, Axios reports that anxiety is mounting in tech company employees as they fear threats to their personal safety. Following the Capital Riots, their employers have introduced strict policies causing backlash from the far right extremists believing that tech and the media are conspiring to silence Trump. 

The Information reports that following the Donald Trump social media ban, Facebook has told employees to avoid wearing company branded clothing. 

Thirdly, Facebook is being criticized for shutting down it’s child protection operation. New data has emerged that suggests since the recent changes to the European commission’s e-privacy directive, there has been a 46% fall in referrals for Child abuse material. Read this article from The Guardian to find out more. 

Finally, check out this article from MIT Technology Review, which looks at what Biden means for Big Tech, specifically the government’s continuing lawsuit against Google. With the democrats coming down hard on big tech in their report this summer, will Biden push through legislation?

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