Awards shortlist update!

The CogX Awards are the most exciting celebration of innovation and transformational opportunities in the world – a time to give the companies and individuals making a difference a platform.

This year, award categories are spread across six themes: Recognising Leadership, Best AI Product, Best Innovation, Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions, Best Climate Innovation and Global Goals – with more than 60 individual categories covering verticals from AI to Global Leadership, Financial Services to Climate Change, and from GenZ to Covid-19 Response.

We are thrilled to announce the shortlisted nominees for our CogX 2021 Awards. We received numerous submissions from a diverse range of businesses, companies and individuals with high calibre.

Shortlisted candidates were decided by an expert team of judges featuring some of tech and global innovation’s most prominent change leaders, including: Abadesi Osunsade, VP Global Community & Belonging for Brandwatch, Education & Healthcare Technologies Investor and Advisor Alan GreenbergDr Milly Zimeta, Head of Public Policy at Open Data Institute, Gary Stewart who is the CEO and Founder of FounderTribes Educational Technology Ltd, Gillian Docherty OBE, CEO of The Data Lab, Cambridge University Professor, Jon Crowcroft, Kate Arthur, CEO & Founder of Kids Code Jeunesse, Robert Hercock, Chief Research Scientist, at BT Group, Terry von Bibra, Director of Numenos, Priya Guha, Venture Partner of Merian Ventures, Innovation and Business Development at University of Oxford, James Semple & many more.

Please find below the shortlisted nominees:

Best of luck to all those listed!

Best AI Product in Cyber Security

  • Axiado Corporation
  • Logically
  • Tessian

Best Innovation in Creative Arts

  • Oxia Palus
  • Oxia Palus
  • Autodesk 

Outstanding Research Contribution in AI – Best Course In AI

  • edX: The Future of ML is Tiny and Bright
  • Coursera: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Best AI Product in Next-Generation Infrastructure

  • SambaNova Systems
  • Seldon
  • Logical Clocks

Best Innovation in Explainable AI

  • Dataiku
  • Seldon
  • BCG Gamma

Best Innovation in Quantum Computing

  • Quix
  • Xanadu
  • Phasecraft

Best AI Product in Government

  • SoulMachines
  • cbot .ai
  • Trueface

Best Innovation in Autonomous Vehicles

  • Flare Bright Ltd
  • NuPort
  • Protean Electric

Outstanding Investor in AI

  • Ann Miura-Ko
  • Xuezhao Lan
  • Garry Tan

Best Innovation in Genetics and Personalised medicine

  • Ori Biotech
  • VineHealth
  • Genomelink

Best COVID-19 innovation

  • Sherpa .AI 
  • XPrize
  • Adapt International
  • AstraZeneca 

Best Climate Innovation 

  • Satavia
  • Ignite Power
  • Xampla
  • Qualis Flow

Gender Equality Leader

  • Ellpha
  • Feebris

Best AI Product in Health

  • V7
  • C2-ai
  • Babylon Health

Outstanding Contribution to Tech Regulation

  • sherpa .ai
  • Sam GIlbert
  • Lapin Ltd

Global Goals Impact Award: Individual

  • Kehkashan Basu
  • Dr. Jason Blackstock
  • Dr. Anthony Ma

Rising Star in AI

  • Logically
  • Trueface
  • Charco Neurotech

Best Innovation In IoT and Sensors

  • 8power
  • Lacuna
  • Health Sensei

Best innovation in diagnostics

  • Natrox
  • Quibim

Best Innovation in Deep Learning

  • Vaarst
  • Neosoft
  • Prospera

Best Innovation in VR/AR

  • xyzreality .com
  • vivid-q 

Best Innovation in Sustainable FoodTech

  • Spyce
  • Bear Flag Robotics
  • Freight Farms

Best Innovation in Simulation

  • Soul Machines
  • Starforge
  • Aerosim

Outstanding Research Contribution in AI- PhD Thesis

  • Christoph Dann
  • Michael Spece

Best Innovation in Open Source Technology

  • Openreach .ai
  • BCG
  • Seldon

Global Goals Impact Award: Enterprise

  • Biontech
  • Kiva
  • Sanergy

Best Innovation in Computer Vision

  • Vaarst
  • SLAMCore
  • Zetane Systems Inc

Outstanding Diversity Leader in AI

  • Andrea Gallego
  • Djamila Amimer

Best Innovation in Space

  • Starforge
  • Skyroot Aerospace
  • Infostellar

Enterprise CXO Leader of the year

  • Lyric Jain
  • Alan Mosca 
  • Alice Thwaite 

Peace and Justice Strong Institutions Award

  • Huridocs
  • AI for Peace
  • Women Wage Peace

Outstanding Achievement in the field of AI ethics

  • Digital Catapult
  • PwC
  • Steven Mills, BCG

Best AI Product in Telecom

  • ContactEngine
  • OneReach .ai
  • Ecrio

Best Innovation in Pharma

  • Ori Biotech
  • Phoremost
  • BIOS Health
  • AstraZeneca

Best Innovation in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation

  • PredictiveHire
  • PitchMe
  • Seldon

Best AI product in Marketing and Adtech

  • Factmata
  • Relayto
  • Wotnot

Best AI product in Fashion

  • Intelistyle
  • Bigthinx

Outstanding Achievement in Social Good use of AI

  • Healx
  • OneReach .ai
  • Feebris

Best AI product in Legal

  • Travers Smith
  • Luminance
  • eBrevia

Best Innovation in NLP

  • Cresta
  • Sonantic
  • Contactengine

Best AI Product in HR

  • Furhat Robotics 
  • Ellpha
  • Vitrue Health

Outstanding Research Contribution in AI – Journalism (individual)

  • Matthew Hutson, Science
  • Khari Johnson, VentureBeat
  • Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Outstanding Achievement in Enterprise Adoption of AI

  • Cresta
  • Gleac
  • IBM

Best Product in Gaming

  • Intel & Spirit AI: Bleep
  • Sony: Game AI Agents 

Best AI Product in Education

  • Teens in AI
  • SoapBox Labs
  • Synap

Best Innovation in Robotics and Automation

  • Rice Robotics
  • Bear Flag Robotics 
  • Offshore Survival Systems 

Outstanding AI Accelerator/Incubator

  • Machine Intelligence Garage
  • Creative Destruction Lab
  • R42 Institute

CogX Global Leadership Award

  • Ian Stevenson and DCMS Safety Tech team 
  • Robin Allen QC, Dee Masters and TUC
  • Joanna Shields
  • Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca

Best AI Product in Entertainment

  • Entale Media
  • Sonantic
  • VividQ

Voice of GenZ

  • Suhana Sahib
  • Priyansh Ratnakar
  • Amna Habiba

Good Health and Well-Being Award

  • Babylon Health
  • dacadoo
  • SleepCogni

Outstanding Leader in Accessibility

  • BindTuning
  • Babylon Health
  • Onfido

Global Goals Impact Award: Start-up

  • Lightning Social Ventures 
  • Aequem
  • Stay Nimble 

Best AI Product In Financial Services/ FinTech

  • Auquan
  • Eigen Technologies
  • M&A Deal Platform

Best AI product in Retail

  • Edgify
  • Soul Machines
  • Yoobic

Best AI product in Transport & Logistics

  • URAN-i .ai /UCL 
  • KoiReader Technologies, Inc.
  • Cogniac AI

Best AI Product in Insurance

Best Innovation in Artificial General Intelligence

  • Sonantic
  • Robbie Barrat 
  • Olvin Almanac

Best Innovation in Consumer Chatbot

  • Ada
  • Soul Machines 
  • LivePerson

Best Innovation in Data Protection and Privacy

  • Sherpa
  • Tide Foundation
  • Pimloc
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