International Women’s Day with Bethany Westwood

Bethany Westwood

Event Operations, CognitionX.

What do you do?
Hi, I’m Bethany Westwood, I am 25-years-old, and work within the operations team at CogX to facilitate the production of online and physical events.

What is something about yourself that many people are surprised to learn?
Something about me that people find surprising – is probably that I’ve got a BSci Hons in Biology, so I’m a Bachelor of Science rather than an event or computer science-based degree.

Describe yourself in three words
3 words that describe me would be; driven, detail-orientated and personable; personability is something I think is super important even when things are predominantly online.

Who is your greatest inspiration?
The classic – my mother! A loud and driven but thoughtful and caring person. Her attitude to life inspires me to strive for it all and not self-limit or self exclude because it was not feasible to say ‘i’m not good enough’ because we’re all good enough, and there may just be some room for improvement.

If you could go back in time to speak to your younger self, what would you tell her?
I’d remind 15-year-old Beth that your sensitivities are not a downfall, and not to be put off by the size of a task as if it’s what you want and then you can work harder and keep going. Starting it means it has been started, and that is usually the hardest part.

What do you think we can all be doing to empower women in tech today and tomorrow?
Show that there is space to be occupied, and demonstrate the vast roles available to anyone who has the skills.

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