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Global Goals

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Global Goals

  • Global Goals Impact Award: Startup
  • Global Goals Impact Award: Individual
  • Global Goals Impact Award: Enterprise
  • Peace and Justice Strong Institutions Award
  • Good Health and Well-Being Award

Global Goals Impact Award: Startup

This award recognises the startup that has done most in adopting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as their framework to help measure impact on society. They will have made decisive advances leading to sustainable development.

Global Goals Impact Award: Individual

To the individual who through their high-level influence and commitment has contributed towards the success of the Global Goals by raising awareness of them, playing a pivotal role in accelerating progress.

Global Goals Impact Award: Enterprise

For the organisation that through its core business, financial commitments, employee networks, consumer facing platforms and high-level influence has played a pivotal role in building a more sustainable environment.

Peace and Justice Strong Institutions Award

With great power comes great responsibility. This award wishes to highlight a company that champions human rights by directing its AI services towards the protection of these fundamental liberties. Having access to great technological expertise it is our responsibility to protect those whose voices are being silenced.

Good Health and Well-Being Award

As the capabilities of technology are increasing, so is its ability to provide emotional support. Harnessing the digital solutions of today to empower the sector of mental health is an initiative we champion and seek to recognise through this award.

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Entry into is open to any company, team or individual. Joint entries where teams and clients have developed and delivered innovations collectively are accepted. Entries from outside the UK are welcome.
For the Climate Innovation series: Please remember that if successful, you will be selected to do a short pitch during CogX Festival 2021 so only enter if you are comfortable and available to do this.

We do not charge to enter any of our awards

Submissions have been extended until midnight (BST) on the 14th May but the first 100 qualifying entries will receive a little surprise!

Please go to the categories and there should be a link at the bottom that will lead you to the form. Any questions please email [email protected]

Absolutely, we have over 70 awards so please submit for any you are eligible for.

Unfortunately not, you would need to re-submit but you can email the awards team to let us know which entry to put forward.

The shortlist will be announced via all CognitionX social channels online. The announcement will be made circa 24th May. You will also be notified by email.
For Climate Innovation series: W/c 24th May you will be emailed by the awards team to prepare for the pitching on our virtual stage during CogX festival (14-16th June)

Main awards: You will be notified during CogX festival (14th-16th June). Keep a lookout on our festival agenda and emails about when this announcement will take place.
For Climate Innovation series: The winners will be announced within the sessions on our Start-up Stage CogX festival (14th-16th June). Keep a lookout on our festival agenda and emails about when this series will take place.

Blog post about our 2020 winners:

The Climate Innovation series is launching for the first time this year so there is no previous example. However, it is closely modelled on our successful COVID-19 Innovation series which you can watch an example of here: Pitches for Society
Pitches for Recovery
Pitches for Health
The final: