Cyber & Defence

Securing spaces online and offline

Technology is fuelling virtually every industry and aspect of modern life, but moving everything online has also powered new digital threats. From cyber crime to QAnon, security threats are being fuelled by AI and misinformation — and the trend is growing at an alarming rate. To tilt the playing field, we need to start a new conversation that links cyber circles to national security, and that answers the question: how can we wield technology to keep our companies online and our citizens safe?

From fraud and money laundering to data privacy and national security, this stage carefully inspects today’s most urgent security questions. With the keen insight from hackers, generals, AI artists and everyone in between, we explore how technology is both our greatest threat and our best defence in the battle for a safer cyber space. Because no technology is ever either good or evil in itself. It’s how it’s used that matters.

What’s in it for you?

Discover how industries are deploying cutting-edge innovation to create safer
and more secure spaces for everyone, both online and offline.

Get a front-row seat to the most unnervingly brilliant deepfakes shown by today’s most viral artists themselves.

Learn how you can defend your organisation against the biggest cyber threats threatening businesses today.

Have your say on how we can develop a society resilient enough to manage the risks of climate change within the next 10 years.

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

Can democracies survive in an AI-powered world?

What are the real-world implications of deepfakes?

What is data poisoning and why is it a ticking time bomb?

How do climate change and conspiracies threaten our national security?

What are the implications of the Solarwind hack?

Meet the speakers

There’s a need for wider collaboration, for borderless information sharing at speed and the need to develop a common vision if we want to create a strong cybersecurity culture.

— Jamie Saunders, Strategic Security Consultant at Wychwood Partners