Ethics & Society

Technology engineered with empathy

Vaccine passports, regulation, safety tech, and the ongoing battle for diversity and inclusion— it’s been a big year for ethics in technology. AI is now infused in virtually every aspect of modern life, and while it’s easy to stand in awe of its capabilities, we need to think about how it fits into the world around it, about the people who build and use it and its profound impact on society.

This stage is about breaking open the algorithms, peering into the heart of the tech industry, and taking the first steps to build technology that puts humans first. Guided by the finest ethical minds, this stage features the exceptional people championing change, the researchers seeking to reign in tech overreach, and the pioneers ensuring empathy, accessibility and inclusivity are hard-coded into our technology.

What’s in it for you?

Take a tour of the roadmap to building better, safer and more inclusive AI.

Explore the intriguing implications of the whirlwind tech that emerged from the pandemic.

Understand and embrace the challenge of nurturing diverse teams as a catalyst for AI that reflects the people using it.

Discover what digital innovations you can use to design tech that incorporates personalisation and privacy from the ground up.

Learn how you can support, nurture and nudge better behaviour online for us and future generations.

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

What does AI regulation really mean for tech?

What harmful narratives around climate change are haunting AI design?

Can free speech and ethical standards truly coexist?

How do we save the Internet from ourselves?

How can companies balance ethics with good business?

Meet the speakers

We need to link the clever brain to the human heart.

— Jane Goodall, Primatologist and Environmentalist (CogX 2020)