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The future trends in finance

With the pandemic snapping at our heels, a wave of cultural shifts and key trends in finance has flipped the competitive landscape on its head. To keep up, the FinTech sector lept into action with cutting-edge technologies and threw out the rulebook to create a whole new roadmap for the future of finance. So what’s the new normal and what are the next big shake ups in the bustling world of FinTech?

With the high standard of knowledge and expertise you’d expect from the world’s FinTech capital, this stage welcomes the keenest minds in the financial ecosystem to carefully examine local and global trends in banking, sustainability, insurance and financial regulations. It’ll be a feast of insights with the power to reshape our industries, and the place to be for everyone who’s anyone in FinTech.

What’s in it for you?

Find out how FinTech companies are bridging the gaps in global digital finance, and how it could impact your own FinTech strategy.

Get clued into how COVID-19 has drastically shifted the way people spend, bank and invest — and the ingenious ways financial institutions are adapting.

Hear about the future trends in FinTech, the promise of open banking, the future of payments and the real edge of challenger banks over traditional banks.

Be privy to the ambitious plans to make investment markets more inclusive and accessible to all, and how you can help

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

How can we democratise data in FinTech?

How is the move to digital disrupting the insurance industry?

Is SPAC IPO the key to building a scalable organisation?

How do you build a new crypto FinTech product?

Will London keep its FinTech crown post-Brexit?

Meet the speakers

Our own ambitions have been enlightened by the discussion. We look forward to building even stronger partnerships within this ecosystem and leveraging emerging technologies responsibly.

— Andre Cronje, Global COO, HSBC GBM