Lab to Live (AI)

From theory to the real world

Every major innovation today started as just an idea. Artificial intelligence was one of them. One company learnt from another and now almost every business uses AI in some exciting way — and the learning continues. From FinTech and cyber security to gaming and education, we feature the companies creating the best and boldest AI-driven technologies and hear from the clients implementing them in the real world.

With eye-opening examples and an armoury of case studies, we invite today’s most forward-thinking companies to showcase their outstanding achievements and the challenges they bumped into on the way. From automating manufacturing to rating the ‘ethics’ score of social media platforms, this stage takes an honest look at the AI
that’s actually deployed in the enterprise.

What’s in it for you?

Explore the cutting-edge technologies transforming the enterprise and how they can help get your own ideas off the ground.

See how industries are rising to the challenge of embracing AI that supports human decision-making instead of replacing it.

Meet the trailblazers re-engineering financial systems, manufacturing, retail, communications, healthcare, transportation and internal operations.

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

Why is conversational AI a must-have?

How do you give a digital identity to a physical product?

How does AI help build data stories in seconds?

How can computer vision help maintain efficiency and efficacy on the assembly lines?

Meet the speakers

Our people should be digitally skilled, our processes should enable us not hold us back, our data should be structured shareable and secure, our technology should be up-to-date by seizing the opportunities of new tech.

— The Rt Hon Oliver Dowden CBE MP