Next Gen Infrastructure & Industry 4.0

Bridging the digital and physical worlds

Our digital and physical worlds are blending more every year, opening up a shared journey of brain-tingling possibilities. With businesses and society spending just as much time online as they are offline — big changes are sparking in infrastructure, IoT and cloud capabilities. So what emerging tech is reshaping our industries and who are the ingenious minds driving the next digital age?

From next-generation manufacturing and 5G to drone deliveries and IoT, this stage welcomes the innovators building the technology and the trailblazers implementing it in their organisations. With a delightful selection of expert-led theories and real-world applications, you’ll journey through the latest transformative technologies and get a rare glimpse into how they’re making extraordinary shifts in every sector.

What’s in it for you?

Fill your boots with generous insights on intelligent automation, the business of blockchain, quantum tech and the future of data centre technology.

Get excited about 4D printing and all the wonderfully creative ways it’s reshaping industrial engineering.

Peek at what’s around the corner for cloud services and infrastructure, and what it all means for the industries of tomorrow.

Tour the ingenious world of edge computing and why the future of business transformation is at the Edge

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

What’s so special about 4D printing?

Will the world welcome drone delivery services?

How can quantum tech boost manufacturing?

Can 5G transform the enterprise for good?

Manufacturing will have to change their workflows if they want to get it right. As globalisation makes our supply chains increasingly international and intertwined, how can technology help us enable more resilient systems?

— Jacqueline De Rojas CBE, President of techUK