Open Web

A fairer digital world awaits

The Internet is tightly stitched into almost everything we do. It’s how we share a thought, how we bank, learn, work, amuse ourselves, and get medical care. It’s in our constantly buzzing pockets, in our watches, cars and TVs — even our fridges. So what happens if it’s all controlled by just a handful of tech giants? Will we ever deliver on the promise of an open web? This stage brought to you by Fabric Ventures explores the answers.

With a healthy mix of insight and optimism, we take a look at the innovators moving the web from mobile, social and cloud to edge computing, decentralised networks and artificial intelligence. From sharing their decentralisation practices to inspiring collaboration and action, this is where you’ll find the first steps to the next-generation of an open, more trustworthy Internet.

What’s in it for you?

Meet the tech-heroes working to crack open finance, healthcare, learning, media and the World Wide Web. 

Explore new business models that move away from centralising our digital lives into ever-fewer platforms.

Delve into the realities of storage, automation and management of decentralised networks — with all its
quirks and opportunities.

See the grand plans to decentralise finance and how we can embed its building blocks in every industry.

Discover the thought-provoking ways users can reclaim their data and have control over their own digital footprints. 

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

What’s keeping us from truly decentralising?

Is blockchain the backbone of Web 3.0?

Can media be genuinely user-owned?

How is data privacy transforming healthcare?

CogX was a fantastic event. It brought together some of the most creative and interesting ideas, people, technologies and talks of any I’ve been to.

— Danny Zuckerman, Co-Founder and COO at 3Box