Start-up to IPO

Scaling the brightest ideas

The startup life is reserved for the brave. It takes an enormous amount of patience, passion and grit to take a bright idea and scale it. But everyone could use a little help — like tips on raising early-stage money, connecting with investors and building a thriving team. With lessons from brilliant people who have done it all before, and the savvy investors who partnered with them, this stage is for the brave pioneers looking to drive their ideas forward.

We welcome the fast-growing startups, the rare unicorns, the hard-working camels and the impressive scale-ups at every stage of the cycle to share their personal stories and real-world experiences. From scaling ideas faster to building an ethical business, this stage features the most awe-inspiring innovations, the challenges that plague most startups and the golden opportunities every entrepreneur needs to know about.

What’s in it for you?

Delve into the fast-paced (and sometimes amusing world of startups and take notes from the people changing the face of technology with their innovations.

Pick the brains of successful startup founders on building better teams and scaling across new markets; and connect with the keen investors looking to spot remarkable ideas.

Find out what it takes to be a sustainable startup in a time of ‘greenwashing’ to genuinely engage the young, ethically-minded generations.

Learn what you can do to support the LGBTQ+ community and promote equal opportunities in the workforce — other than just wearing a pride flag badge.

Peer into the future of remote, collaborative workplaces and why it needs to be design-centric to succeed.

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

How can you raise early-stage money in days?

Why are rolling funds the new craze in investment?

How can we get more women and girls in STEM?

What are the most recent trends in the creator’s economy?

How are investors supporting racial and gender equality?

How else can investors add value to founders aside from money?

Meet the speakers

The UK startup and investment ecosystem is amazing. If you have questions and need support and have the opportunity to get it — go do it. Put yourself out there. One chat with the right person can take you everywhere.

— Ella Goldner, Co-Founder of Zinc VC