The Planet & Smart Cities

Connecting earth, nature and technology

It’s a crucial year for climate. With the COP26 conference revving up in Glasgow, the world is mobilising to take radical action. From clean energy and carbon capture to climate finance, the race is on to build and scale the solutions that will keep us below 1.5 degrees. The stakes are high and the opportunities are brimming with potential to transform our cities, businesses and futures.

From data-driven agriculture and nature-focused finance to what’s next for our space-faring species, this stage is packed with breathtaking tech, eye-opening experiments and an optimistic glimpse into how we can build a sustainable relationship between the planet and technology for a better, cleaner future we can all thrive in.

What’s in it for you?

Learn first-hand about cutting-edge climate tech, the efforts to decarbonise our industries and how AI is leading the fight for our planet’s future.

Glimpse into NASA’s 500-year plan to create new, sustainable societies on other planets and how they’re bringing humans closer to better, safer space travel.

Meet the inspiring business leaders spearheading climate action and how they’re stirring an extraordinary shift in
the social consciousness.

Experience a remarkable lesson in human adaptation and resilience through riveting stories and inspiring anecdotes you won’t hear anywhere else.

Get answers to the biggest questions, including

How can AI help us tackle climate change?

How does being in space affect the human body?

What is the promise and potential of hydrogen?

What will COP26 bring for investment and growth?

How can nature-based tech companies harness carbon markets?

Meet the speakers

The decisions we make in the next 10 years will be absolutely crucial, not only for the long-term health of society and the global economy, but for our planet. CogX helps move the conversation forward with concrete actions.

— Cindy Rose, CEO of Microsoft UK