From social robots to rethinking AI as deeply social from the start- Issue 58: CogX – Ethics in AI Briefing

Ethics in AI

AI needs social understanding and cooperative intelligence to integrate well into society, so argues a recent article in Nature. As it also suggests, the coming years might give rise to diverse AI systems that interact in rapid and complex ways with each other, and with humans – whether on pavements, roads, or in financial markets.

It’s also argued that we need to build a science of cooperative AI, suggesting that it is time to prioritize the development of cooperative intelligence. Will it help scientists and engineers to reconceive artificial intelligence as deeply social?




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Artificial-intelligence assistants and recommendation algorithms interact with billions of people every day, influencing lives in a myriad ways, yet they still have little understanding of humans. Even in work involving multiple AI agents, the field has not yet tackled the hard problems of cooperation.

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It is now crucial to understand the implications of robotic technology for users and society. This report covers the latest in social robot technology designed for human-centered services and offers an assessment of the ethical considerations needed to accompany their design and governance.

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Google plans to integrate LaMDA into its main search portal, its voice assistant, and Workplace, its collection of cloud-based work software that includes Gmail, Docs, and Drive. But the eventual goal, said Sundar Pichai, is to create a conversational interface that allows people to retrieve any kind of information just by asking.

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Recently, Fujitsu and Kyoto University developed a system that uses AI to detect genetic disorders in DNA samples. What challenges does sequencing DNA present, what has Fujitsu developed, and does such technology carry ethical issues?

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Three groups focused on increasing diversity in artificial intelligence say they will no longer take funding from Google. In a joint statement released Monday, Black in AI, Queer in AI, and Widening NLP said they acted to protest Google’s treatment of its former ethical AI team leaders Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell.

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