The future of AI in Europe is revealed- Issue 55: CogX – Ethics in AI Briefing

Ethics in AI

AI is demanding ever more diligence on our part, as biometric data and algorithms become essential tools of everyday life. But is it time to change the rules or even go beyond the rules?

This week the EU unveiled its strict new regulations on AI. These regulations which could include banning certain uses of facial recognition would have far-reaching implications for firms like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.



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As  NYT points out “The draft rules would set limits around the use of artificial intelligence in a range of activities, from self-driving cars to hiring decisions, bank lending, school enrollment selections and the scoring of exams. It would also cover the use of artificial intelligence by law enforcement and court systems — areas considered “high risk” because they could threaten people’s safety or fundamental right.”

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The Australian state of Victoria announced it is investing millions of dollars in ‘distracted driver’ technology which uses AI to detect motorists that are using mobile phones at the wheel. This follows a three-month trial that found one in 42 drivers was detected illegally using a phone.

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MIT Technology Review looks not at the rules but the word we use to talk about AI. Big Tech has designed a language to show they care, argues the piece. That language is decoded in the 50 or so words used for effective public relations in AI ethics.

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The NYPD is one of a number of organisations that have been using Clearview AI, a controversial facial recognition tool. Buzzfeed published a searchable database of over 1800 publicly funded agencies that have used the company’s products. It appears that Clearview’s free trials, most of which give users unlimited searches for 30 days, may have also helped put its software into the hands of employees at many of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies. You can read the fascinating investigation here.

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A recent study shows that even the best speech recognition systems exhibit bias. Even state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) algorithms struggle to recognise the accents of people from certain regions of the world.  And John Thornhill in the FT suggests five ways artificial intelligence bias can be countered, if not erased.

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