What do you think about Facebook for kids? US attorneys have some concerns.- Issue 57: CogX – Ethics in AI Briefing

Ethics in AI

Ayanna Howard uses the term ‘humanized intelligence’ to describe her research, not artificial intelligence. That’s to reflect that we shouldn’t think of this as a different type of intelligence but rather an intelligence motivated by humans that reflects society.

Her research shows that people will decide to follow the instructions of a robot rather than follow the exit signs (and other instructions they are used to relying on). Initially she could not believe people were so trusting of a system like this. It begs the question, can humans be too trusting of machines, and if so, what should we do about it?




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Ayanna Howard, an acclaimed roboticist and educator, says our excessive faith in automated systems can lead us into dangerous situations. She has built countless robots: for exploring Mars to cleaning hazardous waste, and she says we place too much trust in automated systems.

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Digitizing most court materials does not make justice electronic, according to this piece in Forbes. Decision-making in the professions such as the law is supposed to be based on the principles of respect and care yet over the past 10 years, AI algorithms have been introduced into lawsuits.

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Another piece this week, questioning the efficacy of facial recognition to read our emotions. The market for the technology is growing rapidly despite questions from scientists about whether it works. The FT  weighs in.

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More than 40 attorneys generals are calling on Facebook to “abandon its plans” for an Instagram for kids under the age of 13, an idea that has raised mental health and privacy concerns since it was announced less than two months ago

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Google plans to double the size of its artificial intelligence ethics team in the next few years, reports the WSJ. It follows controversy over Google’s treatment of whistleblowers critical of its AI approach. The AI ethics team will grow to 200 researchers.

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