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  • The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) is a registered charity and the UK’s pre-eminent progressive think tank. It is an independent charitable organisation with offices in London, Manchester, Newcastle, and Edinburgh. The IPPR’s primary purpose is to conduct and promote research into the economic, social and political sciences, science and technology, the voluntary sector and social enterprise, public services, and industry and commerce. It also exists to advance physical and mental health, the efficiency of public services and environmental protection; and to relieve poverty and unemployment amongst the disadvantaged.   More info:        Subscribe to IPPR:

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  • GROWTH PLATFORM We help ambitious leaders create the future they want for their businesses and for themselves. Our business growth programmes let leaders step back from the day-to-day demands of running their companies to create comprehensive strategies and plans for their future success. Our leadership in UK and international markets, including IPO and trade exits with technology enterprises, offers access to high value business to business partnerships for entrepreneurs, scale-ups and institutions through connections to curated corporate and investor networks. Typically we work with businesses that have been operational for 3 or more years, with less than 100 staff and a turnover between £0.5m and £20m. We also work with managing directors and other senior team members of privately owned businesses who have strategic control but not necessarily an ownership stake. TECH TALENT - F!X !T® We are on a mission to match our global network of diverse tech talent with the very best opportunities in the digital professions. Our staffing solutions create capacity and capability for some of the world's top data driven companies and we provide career coaching and professional development opportunities for candidates. As passionate advocates of diversity and inclusion we assist our clients and candidates efforts in creating competitive advantage from collective difference. Our deep and wide international network gives us access to the best talent and opportunities throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia. COMMUNITY Tech Scotland Advocates is a member of the Global Tech Advocate community – a private sector-led network of more than 14,000 Advocates who operate in the vanguard of the world’s leading tech hubs. Global Tech Advocates offers members a gateway to engage and trade with high growth international markets. We champion Scotland as a leading global tech hub and campaign to address the unique opportunities and challenges faced by tech companies across the country. We are an inclusive and independent network for Scottish based tech founders, business leaders and practitioners. Members have opportunities to connect with their Global Tech Advocate community peers in Silicon Valley, Singapore, London, Paris, Tokyo and other leading tech hubs.  

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  • As a global leader in translation, localisation, and creative services in over 150 languages, Venga partners with clients to help them communicate globally and drive their global ambitions. The Venga team has 25+ years of experience with particulate expertise in translation for HR communication, technology, and HRIS global rollouts.   With an additional focus in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Venga builds custom programs for enterprise clients to provide human-assisted clean data collection, annotation, and validation for machine learning. These programs are supported by an agile production team, innovative tools and technology, a specialized supply chain, and an ISO-certified quality assurance team.   Venga is committed to continuous improvement and supporting our client’s accelerated growth and localisation maturity.   To learn more about Venga, visit our website at

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  • TRUSTED ADVISERS Slingsby Partners LLP was formed with one key vision: to enable clients to more easily realise their business objectives through the use of IP - and we have brought together a team of outstanding IP professionals to achieve that goal. From start-up to established market leader - and wherever your organisation sits on the technology spectrum - we can help you generate lasting value from your ideas.   ALL-ROUND EXPERTISE Our attorneys have many years' experience of advising diverse businesses on their intellectual property, combining deep technical expertise with commercial awareness. All have technical or scientific backgrounds and qualifications, often having worked in-house for science and engineering companies in the UK and overseas - meaning we speak the same language as our clients. This hands-on industry experience and breadth of knowledge enables us not just to understand the potential in complex ideas and technologies but to offer real-world, practical guidance on the best way of realising their value.   A PERSONALISED APPROACH Our focus is on delivering the right intellectual property strategy for each of our clients - whatever their needs and ambitions may be. We don't just offer dry, reactive legal advice that focuses on box-ticking. Our team takes the time to understand your objectives, offering advice that is tailored to your requirements, and adapting that advice as your business and marketplace evolve.   We offer a free initial IP consultation to learn about your firm and products, and provide initial advice on what you might consider protecting.  Please get in touch to find out more by contacting David King ([email protected]) or via our website:

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  • Delivered by a global network of digital experts, our programmes drive adoption of new tools and technologies and establish a culture of learning within organisations. From virtual workshops, expert masterclasses and blended transformation programmes, we empower people with the mindset, skills and the new ways of working. Through our partnerships, we have upskilled over 300,000 people, with a 96% NPS score, closing the digital skills gap and transforming lives worldwide.

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  • PUBLIC gives technology startups the networks, support, insights and capital to solve public problems and improve the lives of citizens. The team - led by Daniel Korski, ex-deputy head of the No.10 policy unit and venture investor, Alexander de Carvalho - combines expertise in government, technology and finance into a range of programmes like GovStart, a pan-european GovTech accelerator. Through GovStart, its market-leading insight, well-known events and the technology solutions it builds in-house, PUBLIC has rapidly earned a reputation as a GovTech pioneer and an expert in the role of startups in transforming Europe’s public sector. Its headline event: the annual GovTech Summit, brings together thousands of governments, startups, and investors from across Europe in an effort to break down the barriers that prevent great tech ideas from changing people’s lives.

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  • Our ambition is to be the most inclusive and forward-thinking community of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, policy makers, artists and activists in the world.   Following the success of our Virtual CogX Festival in June this year with 44,000 attendees (including 1200+ speakers and 3000+ global leaders) we did not want to stop there! Especially now that the 'New World of Work' is here to stay.   So we have created a year-round programme of CogXtras - weekly, single topic, half day virtual events - beginning on the 2nd September 2020 looking at Recovery and Resilience.   These unique events are co-curated with our partners around a single topic selected from the 18 CogX Festival stages, including Global Leadership, Cutting Edge, Ethics, Health & Wellbeing, Planet and Smart Cities, Next-Gen Infrastructure, Fintech and the Future of Financial Services, GenZ and much more.   If you're interested in developing a sales pipeline, showcasing thought leadership, networking, recruiting great talent or tapping into new markets please get in touch with the team!   [email protected]  

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  • MakerDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing financial stability and transparency to the world economy. Its purpose is to create an inclusive platform for economic empowerment and unlock access to the global financial marketplace for all.   MakerDAO enables the generation of Dai, the world’s first user-created, unbiased currency and leading decentralized, asset-backed stablecoin. Dai has a stable price and lives completely on the blockchain, making it borderless and available to anyone, anywhere. These and other blockchain benefits allow Dai to extend the power of traditional currency: It can be freely sent to others, used as payments for goods and services, or locked in a smart contract to earn savings. With hundreds of partnerships and one of the strongest developer communities in the cryptocurrency space, MakerDAO has become the engine of the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement.   Maker is unlocking the power of the blockchain to deliver on the promise of economic empowerment today.   Prefer video? Try these 10 videosabout Dai and Maker  

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  • Enterprise IQ2 is a data platform SME, formed from a small number of industry-proven professionals and utilising a network of trusted associates. Enterprise IQ2 has architected and built a dynamic, automated integrator that builds a high performance data solution, EIQ2, that can sit within an on premise Microsoft server environment or a hosted Azure cloud service. It provides the ability to offer business truths by combining data from a variety of disparate sources and formatting it into a quality-driven data warehouse. Using a GUI, code is automatically generated (thereby reducing the risk of human error), deploys speedily at a fraction of the normal cost, and delivers master data offering a single source of truth that is current, actionable and easy to understand for organisations. EIQ2 provides:

    • Data warehouse generation from different sources
    • ETL and BI technology
    • Rapid development and deployment
    • Pre-developed rich set of tools and functionality
    • GDPR phonetic data searches that identifies originating systems
    • Profiling, scheduling and text data mining
    • A Graphical User Interface which includes an extensive reporting suite
    • An amendable prebuilt library of transformation, cleansing and data governance measures
    • Automatically generated code in a white-box product so that a customer isn’t tied to a proprietary system.
    • An environment in which to cleanse and format data prior to migrating to another system.    

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  • Haut.AI is a SaaS-based recommendation engine that helps innovative skincare brands build loyalty and engagement with their customers by enabling high-quality digital experiences on their e-commerce platforms. SkinSaaS is a real-time review of your customers' skin. Our AI-powered technology makes it easy to analyze different skin textures and tones and come up with industry proven recommendations. Some of the Skin SaaS features we have: - Data collection tool; - Skin report from images and questionnaires (optional); - Business analytics; - Targeted product recommendations of cosmetics products to different users or subgroups of users; - Cosmetics effect simulation; - Web-based software, API, SDK; - Customized algorithms development.

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  • Expert services for innovation with conversational AI We have deep experience in helping organisations understand how they can incorporate conversational AI into their products and services - from strategy to implementation. We work across the leading conversational AI platforms including Google's Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS and our open source platform OpenDialog. Our clients including financial institutions, governments, universities and startups.   Find out more about our services

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  • CBI

    We exist to help business create prosperity for all   We believe that business has the power to do good. To make a difference. When the economy booms, society prospers, and every business plays a part in protecting and growing that economy. They create opportunities, build, innovate and cultivate a better future for the next generation. That’s the true purpose of business. And it's the CBI's purpose too. The CBI is the UK’s most effective and influential business organisation, speaking on behalf of 190,000 businesses. Together they employ nearly 7 million people – about one-third of the private sector workforce. CBI membership will help your business to succeed Drive the changes your business needs to see Protect your business from the political and economic risks that stifle success. With the CBI’s campaigning expertise and access to the highest levels of government we are a strong partner who can facilitate the change you need to see. Together we can fix the challenges that prevent your business growth. Plan with confidence to secure growth You’ll be able to scan the horizon, anticipate risks and react positively using the insight, analysis and data that inform decisions and lay the foundations for success. You’ll be equipped to act faster and reach further to grow your competitive advantage.   Be inspired and explore opportunity Your leadership team will make valuable connections that can take your business to new heights. Share your challenges and ideas. Inspire and innovate. Benchmark for success and solve the unsolvable. Membership ensures you never miss out on an opportunity for growth.   Find out how we can help your business:    

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  • Do you want to organise a Live Virtual Event for your company but you don't know where to start?  We can help!   Following the creation of our new CogX Live Network, we are now able to run private client events on our platform with a fully integrated virtual solution.  Core elements can include: creating a production timeline and roadmap, management of live streams and content upload, full production delivery team (producers, editor etc), content creation and marketing support.   Contact any of the team listed or send us an email [email protected] and we'll arrange a call to discuss your requirements.    

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  • Your expert guide to the emerging art world. Discover and acquire collectable artworks by emerging, high calibre graduates from leading universities! We use blockchain technology, to certify authenticity.

    • Discover a roster of credible emerging artists that we present in four expertly curated shows per year.
    • Collect through our exhibitions and our inspiring Art Advisory from our wider selection of hundreds of artists.
    • Innovate through Commissions and Brand Partnerships.
    • KLUB engage with the community through a rich and exciting programme of talks for the art curious.
    • Mentorship programme for our artists to push their practice and create and sustain their market.

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  • Keyless is a deeptech, cybersecurity company building the world's first privacy-preserving biometric authentication and personal identity management platform.   The Keyless Cloud Platform empowers businesses to embrace passwordless, protect their remote workforce and enable strong customer authentication with just a look.   Keyless Zero-Knowledge Biometric (ZKB™) solutions provide passwordless multi-factor authentication that eliminates fraud, phishing and credential reuse – all while enhancing customer and employee experiences and protecting their privacy.   With Keyless, businesses are finally able to adopt zero-trust security, eliminate passwords, ensure privacy compliance and deliver unified authentication experiences across every touchpoint.   #gokeyless at  

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  • Data Catalyst delivers Personal Data Mobility as a Service — simply, safely, and securely.   We help makers and innovators and developers and founders connect to sources of Personal Data to power their apps and ideas and breakthroughs and businesses over a single API, with privacy and crystal-clear user consent.   For businesses that want to connect to sources of Personal Data, we power recombinant innovation, reducing time to market, de-risking development, and slashing total lifecycle costs. Connect your business to our single, simple, secure API, and we connect you to aggregated, calibrated, enriched Personal Data from wearables, apps, devices, APIs, IoT sensors, and more, across sectors including finance, health, wellness, productivity, and environment. We deliver all the data you need to power your business, in the format you need it, with peace of mind around privacy, compliance, and consent.   For users who want more from existing purchases of gadgets, apps, and services, we free your Personal Data from device and manufacturer silos, empower you with choice, and give you the tools to manage use of your data and its privacy.   And for businesses that collaborate with users in the creation of Personal Data, we expand your product reach and enable new trust-based relationships with empowered customers. By promoting data re-use and flexibility, we put you on the right side of regulation, and add value to your app, device, or service by putting it at the heart of a thriving ecosystem of delighted users.   Data Catalyst: How can we help you?

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  • Apostolos Lymperis holds a Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and is passionate about applying machine learning to customer problems. Very academic - won two prestigious scholarships during his university years. Achieved early professional excellence by being top performing research analyst in his previous company. Apostolos is leading Business Growth at causaLens.

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  • As one of the leading Data & Advanced Analytics recruitment consultancies (operating in the UK, Germany, Canada, and the USA), we help our clients to unlock the potential of their data through the people we provide.   Finding, engaging and onboarding talent in this competitive space is challenging for most organisations... This is where we come in.   We adopt a Service-first, Community-led approach to recruitment and focus on creating value and building long-lasting relationships with both our clients and candidates.   We pride ourselves on having deep knowledge and understanding of the roles we recruit for and form true partnerships with our clients, with the aim of becoming an extension of their brands.   We recruit solely in the following areas:

    • Machine Learning Research and Engineering
    • Data-centric Engineering, Ops and Architecture
    • Analytics and Data Science
    • Reporting and Visualisation
      If you are looking to hire in any of the above areas, we'd love to hear from you. You can gain a little more insight into how we work in the attached deck - please do check it out.   Website:   LinkedIn:

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