In partnership with Boster Group: Revenue and Resilience: Harnessing digital business models in the cultural sector

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The opportunities for the cultural sector to generate income through digital platforms are increasing at a rapid rate. From a boom in creative side-hustles to arts institutions flexing their virtual muscles. In the current age, the need to adapt and transform is more pressing than ever before. Innovating through digital to grow revenue can no longer be a pipedream - it’s essential for the cultural sector’s survival. We will be joined by Lord Vaizey (former Culture and Tech Minister), Kara Medoff Barnett (Executive Director of American Ballet Theatre), Suhair Khan (Lead of Strategic Projects at Google) and Andrea Sullivan (Head of International ESG, Bank of America Merrill Lynch) to examine the cultural sector’s move to monetising digital platforms. RSVP and partake in the Q+A session here.

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Lead Speakers

Lord Ed Vaizey

Former Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries

Suhair Khan

Strategic Projects Lead Google

Andrea Sullivan

Head of International Environment, Social & Governance Bank of America

Kara Medoff Barnett

Executive Director American Ballet Theatre