Recovery and Resilience


Co-curated with: As the storms of the global pandemic continue to buffet businesses and individuals, we are all in need of a double dose of resilience. If only there were a precise recipe for it, we would all be racing towards a brighter future. It is not so simple. In the first event of our year-round CogXtra programme, we dig deep into what makes for true resilience, in order to leave you both thinking bigger, and taking away some practical advice. We will be joined by esteemed experts like George Osborne, Lord Billimoria and Kathryn Parsons who have shaped and directed business and economies, as well as new thinkers expanding the conversation about what is possible.

9 AM: What’s Needed Now

In considering how we rebuild, ideas once-considered radical have been up for discussion. But how radical do we need to go? Can we rebuild along the same lines as before? Drawing on an extraordinary depth of experience and insight, we ask our expert panel how we build a strong economy fit for all of society.


Other speakers coming shortly.

10 AM: The Ever-Changing Shape of Work

There is no doubt, work is being transformed as we speak. Now out of the office, some of us feel that our homes have become workplaces with longer hours in lonelier settings. While others are facing the prospect of unemployment, reskilling, and retraining. In this session, we will explore both how we work now, what the new future of work looks like, and how we ensure that everyone flourishes. Our speakers will highlight both the emerging opportunities and challenges for business so you can be inspired to take the next steps more consciously and confidently.


Other speakers coming shortly.

12PM: How to Build a Resilience Revolution: In partnership with the IPPR

Before COVID-19, growing inequality, rising long-term unemployment, stagnant prosperity, and the economy were already not working for most people in the UK. The country was dangerously unprepared for pandemics or climate crises. What does building a more resilient economy really mean? Join us and the IPPR to explore what new directions lie before us.


    • Michelle Meagher, Senior Policy fellow, Centre for Law, Economics & Society UCL, Co-founder of Inclusive Competition Forum
    • Carys Roberts, Executive Director, IPPR
Other speakers coming shortly.

1 PM: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate, Joseph Stiglitz

Can progressive capitalism save us? We are immensely honoured to be joined by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz as he discusses science, technology, and the rule of law, and their connection to wealth, resilience, and living standards.



About the IPPR

IPPR, the Institute for Public Policy Research, is the UK’s leading progressive think tank. It is an independent charitable organisation with offices in London, Manchester, Newcastle, and Edinburgh. The IPPR’s primary purpose is to conduct and promote research into the economic, social and political sciences, science and technology, the voluntary sector and social enterprise, public services, and industry and commerce. It also exists to advance physical and mental health, the efficiency of public services and environmental protection; and to relieve poverty and unemployment amongst the disadvantaged.

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George Osborne

Editor in Chief Evening Standard

Lord Karan Bilimoria

President CBI

Carys Roberts

Executive Director IPPR

Bruce Daisley

Host Eat Sleep Work Repeat Podcast

Kate Kallot

Director of AI Ecosystems ARM

Sachin dev Duggal

CEO & Founder Builder AI Keynote

Michelle Meagher

Author, Competition is Killing Us Co-founder, Inclusive Competition Forum

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Laureate, Economist and Professor Columbia University

Linda Yueh

Economist and Author The Great Economists