The Ethics of Personal Data Mobility


Ethical Personal Data Mobility – encompassing the related topics of ethical Personal Data Sharing, Portability, and Transparency – has been easy to evangelise, but hard to deliver. We would like to examine why this is. Touching on legal, commercial, and technical issues, as well as ethical ones, we would like to focus on the gap between ideals of personal data sovereignty and reality, why it is that so few data mobility initiatives have gained real user trust, and how data mobility can be made to work in an ethical way to benefit all parties: data providers, data consumers, and individual users.

Exhibitors you should meet

  • Venga Global
    Venga Global As a global leader in translation, localisation, and creative services in over 150 languages, Venga partners with clients to help them communicate globally and drive their global ambitions. The Venga team has 25+ years of experience with particulate ...
  • Data Catalyst
    Data Catalyst Data Catalyst delivers Personal Data Mobility as a Service — simply, safely, and securely.   We help makers and innovators and developers and founders connect to sources of Personal Data to power their apps and ideas and breakthroughs ...
  • Logikk Ltd
    Logikk Ltd As one of the leading Data & Advanced Analytics recruitment consultancies (operating in the UK, Germany, Canada, and the USA), we help our clients to unlock the potential of their data through the people we provide.   Finding, ...
  • Slingsby Partners LLP
    Slingsby Partners LLP TRUSTED ADVISERS Slingsby Partners LLP was formed with one key vision: to enable clients to more easily realise their business objectives through the use of IP – and we have brought together a team of outstanding IP professionals to achieve ...


Martin Brown

Chief Product Officer Data Catalyst

Valentina Pavel

Legal Researcher Ada Lovelace Institute

Dr Djamila Amimer

CEO Mind Senses Global

Robin Bradley

Head of Research and Development The ODI

Olivier Thereaux

Head of Research and Development Open Data Institute Panel