The Future of Food and Farming


What if we could make agriculture a net contributor to decarbonisation? This is the moonshot aim of one of the most exciting startups hitting the headlines this year. Join Indigo Agriculture to hear how they are working to transform farming. And, we’ll be looking at the UK’s National Food Strategy setting out the ambitious aim for the whole food system.

Exhibitors you should meet

  • Online Safety Tech Industry Association
    Online Safety Tech Industry Association The Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA) is the UK’s first association to unite innovative companies that operate in the field of online safety. OSTIA aims to inform policy makers, technology providers and the public about online safety ...
  • Oasis Consortium: Think Tank for Brand & User Safety
    Oasis Consortium: Think Tank for Brand & User Safety The OASIS Consortium creates actionable, industry-wide brand & user safety standards that help rebuild trust in the Internet.   We convene a think tank of industry stakeholders with diverse perspectives, including ...
  • Tech Against Terrorism
    Tech Against Terrorism We advise and provide practical support for tech companies on how to improve their response to terrorist use of their services.   We are currently developing the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP) – check it out: ...
  • Age Verification Providers Association
    Age Verification Providers Association The Age Verification Providers Association is the global trade body for the providers of privacy-protecting, standards-based age assurance technology. Our members offer leading-edge technology to apply both age verification and age ...

Lead Speakers

Mark Titterington

Head of Advocacy, Public Affairs and Marketing Europe Indigo Agriculture

Tamsin Cooper

Director of National Food Strategy Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Dan Crossley

Executive Director The Food Ethics Council

Tasha Mhakayakora

Youth Board Member Bite Back 2030