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It’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work and we’re looking at digital neurotherapies (DNTs). Physical health has suffered during the pandemic but mental health has too.

From exciting start-ups to long-standing institutions, many are working hard to address new virtual health needs which include the development of online tools for accessible therapy. Can digital neuroscience help alleviate the mental health crisis?  Find out below.



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The FT reports on digital neurotherapies, or DNTs, and their potential role in the new normal. DNTs use the same neural pathways and processes that create the brain’s functional systems in order to repair them.

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The LA Times highlights that in the US many workers seeking support from their managers at work, are not getting it. This article points the way to many organisations and groups focused on workplace mental health, that can help

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An artificial intelligence tool that can decipher the DNA of tumours could transform cancer treatment for thousands of patients, scientists have said.Each cancer has its own genetic identity…

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Many people with manual jobs believe they get fit and healthy by their physical activity at work and therefore can relax when they get home. Unfortunately, new research, looking at risks of cardiovascular disease, suggests that this is not the case.

Read more (European Society of Cardiology)

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Amazon is expanding its telehealth services to its employees in the US, with plans to offer the service to other companies as a workplace benefit for their own staff. The tech giant is choosing to expand its telehealth services through B2B partnerships rather than out to its customers.

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A British HSBC employee was still in the hospital having suffered a heart attack, when he wrote a LinkedIn post vowing to step away from work and spend more time with his family. Thousands responded as it caught the imagination of social media users all around the world.NYT reports. 

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A climber from Norway called off his efforts to summit Mount Everest on Thursday after testing positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, destroying Nepal’s hopes for a busy mountaineering season on the highest peak in the world.

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Can finger prick blood tests help evaluate antibody response against Covid-19 post-vaccination? A new method which does not require the drawing of blood could prove much more convenient.

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