Remote working could have catastrophic effects on other types of business- HR and the Future of Work – Issue 61: CogX

Future of Work

The future of work isn’t just about the office. What about the shops who used to serve hoards of office bound staff, daily? Many are being forced to shut down. What will happen then?

In rural Sweden, a new type of shop has sprung up that could provide the clue: unmanned supermarkets in mobile containers. They are open 24 hours a day, selling hundreds of items—and there’s no cashier in sight. Shoppers unlock the supermarket’s door with an app on their smartphone.

Remote working is great for the office staff involved but what about the people whose work depends on office staff being around? Will they, in future, be replaced by containers and machines?




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In Veckholm, near Stockholm, the last grocery store closed more than a decade ago. Then, a year-and-a-half ago, even the little convenience store at the only petrol station locked its doors. But in July 2020, an automated, unmanned grocery store came to town.

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At Unilever, which has more than 150,000 employees—including 90,000 in factories—in 190 countries, Leena Nair, the company’s head of HR, is leading the consumer-product giant’s return-to-work strategy, planning for hybrid working and implementing safety protocols to ensure employees across all sectors of the company feel comfortable returning to their workplaces.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that while most employees enjoy the flexibility of remote work, they also look forward to more in-person collaboration after the pandemic. Microsoft calls this the “hybrid work paradox.” The post highlights various features in Microsoft’s products that help tackle the challenges faced in hybrid work.

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Big businesses, such as Starbucks and Best Buy, can incorporate child care into their list of employee perks. But, smaller businesses can also up their perks game by offering child care as a benefit. This creates a working environment where parents feel supported and encouraged to advance in their careers.

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Focusing on business outcomes rather than software development requires human and machine collaboration – this is called Augmented Intelligence. These hybrid teams create the opportunity for revolutionary transformation. And the real magic comes in combining the sophistication of AI-based systems to analyze massive amounts of data with human expertise.

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In a hybrid world how do you keep in touch with your teams? These seven apps  show you how you can interact with co-workers and maintain a professional network. Many of the digital tools that became pandemic favorites won’t be going away anytime soon.

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