Ways to help prepare for a return to the office. And the best ‘mouse jigglers’ for those staying at home- HR and the Future of Work – Issue 60: CogX

Future of Work

Have you thought about making a checklist to prepare for returning to the office? We spotted a helpful checklist with over 70 things businesses need to consider relating to their premises, employees, and data. 

What employee data have you decided it is necessary to collect, e.g. temperature checks, workplace testing, to name a few? How could you balance that with transparent communications for employees so they can exercise their rights too? Download the 70-point checklist along with the new study from IFOW that suggests algorithmic systems could be eroding good work. 

Finally, are you up to speed on ‘mouse jigglers’? Find out why you might want one and which is the best.




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With the UK currently on track to lift all Covid-19 restrictions on June 21st, many offices will be opening again for the first time since the pandemic began. Lewis Silkin has created a free checklist of all the things to consider for a return to the office.

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Concerns about the impacts of automation have tended to focus on fears of mass technological unemployment. This recent study from the Institute for the Future of Work finds it is not the replacement of humans by machines but the treatment of humans as machines that is the problem.

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Know what a ‘mouse jiggler’ is? With more and more employers relying on demanding metrics to drive efficiency, breaks are a rare luxury. With a mouse jiggler, it looks like you’re at your desk, even when you’re using some personal time. This piece takes a look at a few.

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Remote work has been an adjustment for everyone, and its effect on our professional relationships has been just as significant as the impact on daily tasks. How does one learn best practices working alone from home? Online mentorship could prove to be a big help.

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The CEO of WeWork thinks there is an easy way for companies to spot their most engaged employees: They’re the ones who want to come back to the office. And that, “Those who are least engaged are very comfortable working from home.”

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Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, told a virtual audience of The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit on Tuesday that he had personally experienced Zoom fatigue. On one day last year, he said he had 19 Zoom meetings in a row.

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What exactly is a “hybrid model” of working? Usually it means a blend of office, remote and home working. But hybrid working also tends to encompass more flexibility in terms of when we work, as well as where we work and how we work.

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