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While COVID-19 continues to be immensely challenging, we want to continue to embrace the opportunity technology gave us to connect and open up CogX to a much bigger, national and global audience. These are the most challenging times we’ve ever faced. The most important questions for business and society change with each new shift of the global landscape. Staying on top of the situation is impossible without short, sharp and hard-hitting regular updates. With our amazing network of speakers and partners we are seeking to provide this updates and foster connections across industries and communities through CogXtras. 

We will use the extraordinary convening power of conversation to help people and businesses expand their networks and build valuable knowledge and connections. We are always on the lookout for influential voices to speak to our community on “How do we get the next 10 years right?”

Apply today for the opportunity to take the stage at either our weekly CogXtras, and/or our annual CogX (June 2021)

Past Speakers

June Sarpong

Director of Creative Diversity


June Sarpong

Stuart Russell

Professor of Computer Science

UC Berkeley

Stuart Russell

Samantha Power

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

Samantha Power

Lucas Joppa

Chief Environmental Officer


Lucas Joppa

Dame Vivian Hunt

Managing Partner, UK & Ireland

McKinsey & Company

Dame Vivian Hunt

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

The Jane Goodall Institute

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Tony Fadell

Future Shape Principal, iPod inventor, iPhone co-inventor, Nest founder

Tony Fadell

Azeem Azhar


Exponential View

Azeem Azhar

CogXtra Sessions that you could contribute to​:

Recovery & Resilience

Economy & Future of Work

We have lived through one of the most innovative periods in human memory. Fuelled by necessity, individuals, organisations and governments have pivoted and adapted to new circumstances to an extraordinary degree. The potential of this supercharged innovation is breathtaking, opening up a new world of possibility.

We’ll be diving into this new landscape exploring questions including:

How do we accelerate digitisation and the adoption of new technology throughout the economy?
What’s some of the companies we have seen come out of the pandemic that we need to shine a light on to encourage growth?
What opportunities have emerged to reskill and retrain the workforce?
Can we harness remote working to help level up regional economies?
How do we embed lessons from Covid-19 to hardwire resilience into our organisations?
What are the risks we must avoid in order to progress without widening inequalities?


The Tech We Want - An Ethical Approach to Innovation

Ethics & Society

All innovation should be ethical first. That’s where we need to set our bar to ensure fairness, safety and equal representation so that the benefits of emerging tech flow through to everyone. Covid-19 has raised issues and exposed weaknesses around how data is stored and collected, how AI is regulated and how web connectivity is not a luxury, it’s a lifeline. AI has been a huge force for good in problem solving around the pandemic, but as a society we have yet to come to terms with the major ethical concerns around privacy. In this CogXtra, we will gather some of the leading voices and organisations charting a path through the ethics debates.

We’ll be exploring the following:

The future of Data Stewardship and exploring the UK National Data Strategy
Regulation of AI and emerging technologies
How Business can practically innovate ethically at scale and use responsible techniques to enhance products
Responsible Capitalism

The Road to UN Climate Week

The Planet

With the COP-26 negotiations postponed to 2021, UN Climate Week is now the most important international moment to focus on the climate emergency. With Arctic temperatures having hit 38 degrees in July, there’s no question that the climate crisis continues unabated. This CogXtra is a moment for discussing the challenges the world faces and what needs to be done. With partners we’ll look at the planet in 3 different lights, from the perspective of the arctic, the oceans and the forests. With a focus on waht needs to be done in the hope to highlight topics for discussion at the UN the following week.

Sustainable Businesses - Industry approaches to the climate crisis

Industry 4.0 & Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply-chain sustainability is a business issue affecting an organization’s supply chain or logistics network in terms of environmental, risk, and waste costs. A sustainable supply chain seizes value creation opportunities and offers significant competitive advantages for early adopters and process innovators.

In this CogXtra we’ll be looking at the following:

What’s the way forward for policy and the climate? Can we hope for a green recovery?
What steps can all businesses adopt to become more sustainable?
How do we harness AI to improve the supply chain?
What’s the cost of AI on the environment?
How do we fund moonshot climate initiatives?

What next for the National Health System?

Health & Wellbeing

We learn more about the transmission, pathology and long-term effects of Covid-19 each month. Here we take the temperature on our health system and bring leading figures at the intersection of health and technology together to chart a path forward and highlight some of the most potent developments to date.

Dealing with the mental health epidemic
Focus on healthy living to avoid disease
Advances in treating Covid-19 and keeping the rest of the population healthy
In it for the long-term, Covid survivors
Global health collaborations

How do we get the next ten years right?

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