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CogX provides valuable connections, knowledge and insight for the community to evolve. Virtual events and experiences now play a crucial role in global marketing and event strategies, complementing live experiences and creating opportunities to get closer to customers, gain real-time market insight and widen global reach. Virtual Events are currently at the heart of community building.

Past CogX Speakers

Stuart Russel

Professor of Computer Science

UC Berkeley

Stuart Russel

Samantha Power

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations & Professor of Practice at Harvard School and Harvard Law School

Samantha Power

John Kerry

68th United States Secretary of State, Founder World War Zero

John Kerry

Anne-Marie Imafidon

Founder, Stemettes & Trustee, Institute for the Future of Work

Anne-Marie Imafidon

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Inspirational Live Sessions

Meet with some of the world’s best speakers and experts, and learn first hand from them at our weekly half day CogXtras.

Access the Latest Innovation

Explore and discover products and services to enhance and solve your personal and professional objectives and knowledge with our virtual expo.


We deliver intelligent recommendations based on your profile that save you time and money and maximise your productivity.


Valuable Connections

CogXtras cover one topic at a time so you can pick the ones that are most relevant for you and know you can get to all the editorial content. Build new relationships with like minded peers and become part of a 100,000 people community. Keep the conversation going beyond just an event.


Quickly discover new innovative products and services that matter to you and your personal and professional development.


Only hear from the best speakers and thinkers of our time.

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