Democratising the design of education programmes – Schools2030 HCD Interview

An interview with education designers, Gray Garmon and Katie Krummeck, who are working with the Schools2030 team to give them the tools to use Human-Centred Design in their education programmes. 0:00​-15:14​ Introductions and backgrounds of Katie and Gray 15:14​–23:30​ Design workshops for Schools2030, before and after COVID-19 23:30​–33:06​ Discussion around the pivotal ‘define’ and ‘generate’ phases of the design process 33:06​–end Design thinking, empathy and the future of education Schools2030 is a new globally informed, locally rooted 10-year longitudinal action research and learning improvement programme working with 1000 pioneering pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools across 10 countries, searching for and supporting positive deviance about ‘what works’ to improve holistic quality learning for all. Learn more:

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