NextRoll provides an industry-leading marketing technology and data stack that fuels growth for businesses of all kinds via AdRoll, RollWorks, and NextRoll Platform Services. “At NextRoll we are focused on providing the innovative solutions companies need to keep growing, wherever their ambition takes them next. To do that we are always seeking new ways to expand and optimize our service offerings. We are excited to adopt AWS Graviton2 based M6g and C6g instances for our web server and stream processing workloads built on Erlang, Go, and Java. We have observed up to 50% total cost savings over our previous generation EC2 instances for these workloads. Much more savings and fewer instances needed with higher performance. All software packages that we needed to migrate were easily available and we plan to switch everything we can to Graviton2 based instances.” – Valentino Volonghi, CTO at NextRoll


NextRoll Uses AWS Graviton2 to Cut Compute Costs by Half

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