What happened in CogX 2019?

Taking place during the first half of London Tech Week in the vibrant Knowledge Quarter of Kings Cross, CogX offered visitors the space to learn, discover, and connect with the people and technologies that are shaping the future of humanity.

There has arguably never been a more crucial point in human history – the moment when we have a collective responsibility to tackle the big challenges of sustainability, security and global stability and work together to navigate toward a brighter and better future.

By convening the brightest minds on the planet from industry, government and academia, CogX 2019 took an optimistic look at the challenges ahead and demonstrated the tremendous opportunity that AI and emerging tech provides for supporting a better world.

CogX echoed the global goals of the UN and other leading bodies around the world which represent the shared values we wish to uphold – for business, for humanity and for the planet.

From the Impact Stage to the Health Care zone, from showcasing the future of work to discussing the ethics of emerging technologies, from tackling climate change to creating spaces where innovation is presented, explained and brought to life, CogX created a platform to move the conversation forward.

Groundbreaking Content

Across 12 topics, CogX 2019 delivered 400 hours of content and explored a huge range of topics from the rise of digital beings and affective computing to how other emerging technologies such as DNA gene editing, autonomous transportation, blockchain, IoT, VR and AR are reshaping the way we move, learn and work.

A Global Audience

CogX 2019 welcomed a global audience of 20,000 visitors to King’s Cross – one of the world’s most dynamic creative quarters – brought to life over 200,000 square feet of public space. The event was streamed to millions of viewers globally across YouTube and to 100s of media outlets.

600+ Speakers

600+ CogX speakers from across industry, academia, government and technology covered a range of topics. We strive for diversity of perspective across our speakers, encouraging conversations and debates from contributors from different disciplines, geographies and backgrounds.

Supporting The Global Goals

CogX 2019 encouraged those attending to point their Tools, Tech and Talent towards the 17 Global Goals of the UN and build a brighter future – for business, for humanity and for the planet.

A Vibrant Expo

With over 150 exhibitors from the hottest AI and Emerging Tech startups, to huge enterprise vendors and everything in between, the CogX Expo and Networking area was the place to go to see the technology that is shaping our future.

Awards Gala

The CogX 2019 Awards celebrated the best of innovation and achievement in AI and Emerging Technology. Taking place on the opening night of the Festival, we celebrate everything from the best innovation in deep learning to the leading lights in AI Growth and Adoption.

Side Events

CogX is a vibrant festival that is home to the best fun to be found during London Tech week! Plenty of parties, gigs, exhibitions and tons of off-schedule events as well as delicious food, drink and music throughout the three days.

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