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The Future of Work & HR 2:00 pm - 2:40 pm 16th June 2021
Timezone: BST (Europe/London)
Curated with: QuantumBlack

Right back in the 1950s: The pandemic and women at work

Between lost income for the least well paid, unpaid childcare and escalating domestic work burdens, many of the hard-won gains in gender equality in the workplace have evaporated over the past 15 months. It is, as one woman put it, like holding a 2020s job but living in a 1950s household. What went wrong? And where do we go from here? Can we rebuild workplace equality on firmer ground in the future?

Radhika ChadwickPartnerMcKinsey & CompanySophie WalkerCo-founderActivate
Andrea ThompsonEditor in ChiefMarie Claire
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