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Global Leadership 3:00 pm - 3:40 pm 14th June 2021
Timezone: BST (Europe/London)
In-Person Session

The power of privilege and the importance of allyship in the workplace

Many of those privileged enough to be distanced from racism are now having to come to terms with the uncomfortable fact that they continue to prosper at the detriment of others. They’ve been unknowingly benefitting from a system steeped in systemic racism, without realising its true cost. Join us for practical steps and action-driven solutions so that those who have been afforded privilege can begin undoing the limiting beliefs held by society, and help build a fairer future for all.

June Sarpong (OBE)TV Presenter, Diversity Expert & Award-winning AuthorAngela JainManaging Director, Lifted EntertainmentITV
Hephzi PembertonAuthor of The Diversity Playbook and Founder & CEOEquality Group
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