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Research 4:00 pm - 4:40 pm 14th June 2021
Timezone: BST (Europe/London)
In-Person Session

Was there life on Mars?

Some of the finest minds in the world joined the most recent Mars mission to solve one of the biggest questions in the Solar System: ‘was there life on Mars?’
Professor Sanjeev Gupta, backed by the UK Space Agency worked closely with the NASA science team on the mission’s strategic vision, and with the engineers in day-to-day rover operations as they searched for sample rocks for future return to Earth. He made the headlines when it became clear he was controlling NASA’s Mars rover ‘Perseverance’ from his home in South London.

Collecting these samples is seen as crucial to understand what the Martian climate was like early in Mars’ history and whether it was habitable for life. With one carefully chosen sample from Mars, we could discover that the history of life on the Earth is not unique in the Universe!. Join us for a fireside chat on science, tech, climate change and what we can learn from Mars.

Join Professor Gupta and our host Anushka Sharma, the founder of tech and space innovation consultancy Naaut and Co-Founder of the London Space Network for this much-anticipated fireside chat

Sanjeev GuptaProfessor of Earth SciencesImperial College London
Anushka SharmaFounderNaaut
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