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Economy 3:00 pm - 4:20 pm 14th June 2021
Timezone: BST (Europe/London)

What about China?

China is the world’s second largest economy and its second most important superpower. It has a grand strategy for itself and for the world that may just reshape the global economy. But far from “hiding its capabilities and biding its time,” in the words of Deng Xiaoping, the China of 2021 is bigger, bolder, and unafraid to fight back against what it sees as a global system of norms and institutions rigged in favor of rich nations. How can the West (especially the EU, US, and UK) work with China on shared challenges while fighting against human rights abuses and avoiding economic war, hot or cold?

Annabelle TimsitGeopolitics ReporterQuartz
Zach SewardCEOQuartz
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