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Safety Tech 2021

unleashing the potential for a safer internet

24TH MARCH 2021 @ 3:30PM

Safety Tech 2021 Countdown


About the Event

One in five people have stopped engaging with a website or online community because of harassment or abuse. Online platforms are being scrutinised more than ever before for being associated with harmful content. Failing to protect users from harmful content is unacceptable, and also increases the risk of negative brand association and legal liability. But while many companies are trying to put measures in place to safeguard their online communities, the resulting impact is that human moderators are becoming overwhelmed by the emotional and psychological toll of dealing with the internet’s dark underbelly.

But there is hope. A new sector of dynamic, socially conscious companies is emerging. They are combining cutting-edge technology with social insights to create products and services that help companies protect their moderators and audiences. This sector is online safety tech. 

During this conference – the world’s first dedicated to safety tech – our globally-recognised keynote speakers and panellists will share:

  • How safety tech is helping the world’s biggest brands and platforms protect online audiences and employees;

  • How companies can best respond to the global movement towards regulation of online platforms hosting user-generated content;

  • How safety tech can deliver increasing brand value for business;

  • How to incorporate online community safety into your organization’s operational framework.

Showcase booths for major organisations and networks associated with online safety technology will be available to drop in on throughout the event.

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This event is supported by DCMS and DIT