Akriti Dokania

Investment Manager

Octopus Ventures

About Akriti

Akriti sits within the Deep Tech pod and focuses on businesses within the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning software, B2B Enterprise Software, Cyber Security and next generation automation.

Akriti is a computer science engineer by background and worked as Product Manager with Windows Security and in the User Experience team at Windows Edge. Prior to this she built a B2B business focused on accounting in the retail space in India. She then moved to London to complete her MBA at the London Business School, during which time she worked with the Amazon Alexa team to help launch Alexa in new territories. She also worked at Forward Partners as a pre-seed/seed stage investor. Akriti joined the team in 2018.

“My time in product management and my experience of building a business has made me realise just how hard it is to develop software. It also opened my eyes to what a lonely journey it can be for a founder and it takes a compassionate VC to understand that and support where necessary.”

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