Alain Falys



About Alain

Alain is the co-founder of London-based Fintech Yoyo Wallet – Europe’s fastest growing omni-channel payment and loyalty platform for retailers – which counts over 2.5 million users.

He is currently leading the Project, a Blockchain-powered decentralised data privacy and security solution.

Alain is a Partner at tech investment platform, an Advisor to venture funds and and a member of the RBS Technology Advisory Board. He is also an Advisor to a number of European Fintechs including, Spot9 and Yello.

After running the commercial cards division of Visa Europe for 5 years, Alain founded his first Fintech in 2000, the global e-invoicing platform OB10/Tungsten, which floated on AIM London. He was a founding Partner at European e-commerce incubator Omnis Mundi which built BuyVip, acquired by Amazon.

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