Alessandra Sollberger

Founder & CEO

Top Tier Impact

About Alessandra

Alessandra is the founder and CEO of Top Tier Impact (TTI), the global ecosystem of impact and sustainability leaders. The TTI Group’s mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of impact and sustainability as the way of making investments and running companies. It has an private network of 500+ impact leaders across more than 40 countries, an investment division for impact funds and growth-stage opportunities, an advisory business for corporate transitions towards sustainability and a policy unit focused on bridging the gap between private and public sector.

Alessa first looked into the blockchain sector in 2012. Her academic background in systems and governance made her realise the potential of this technology well beyond Bitcoin, but for positive system change across our society. She sees the open web as bringing through a fairer, more evolved paradigm for the way our economies operate. Alessa is an active private investor as well as a board member to several companies and funds. Earlier in her career, Alessa worked in private equity at Blackstone and in venture capital at Mosaic Ventures. She’s also the youngest advisory board member of her Oxford University degree.

Their Sessions

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm 14th June 2021
Curated with: Fabric Ventures

Compared to the Petrodollar, Proof of Work presents a unique opportunity to accelerate renewable energy adoption and incentivise zero marginal cost energy production.

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