Dr. Alex George


About Dr. Alex

Dr Alex is an A&E & TV Doctor, and was recently appointed by the Prime Minister as Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government. Alex presents for Lorraine, hosts his own podcast, The Waiting Room, and his book, Live Well Every Day is out 13th May 2021. Alex has become a leading voice amongst healthcare professionals in the UK, bringing the nation accessible and reassuring advice directly from the frontline at Lewisham Hospital throughout the pandemic. With over 1.9M followers on Instagram alone, Alex also uses his social media platforms to campaign for better mental health education for children, and also shares simple and accessible tips for living a healthier and happy life, both in mind and body.

Their Sessions

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm 14th June 2021

The pandemic has exposed and deepened the wounds of an ongoing mental health crisis. Join leading health expert Dr Vikram Patel in conversation with mental health advocate Dr Alex George on how...

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