Alex Malyshev

Executive Officer

Steinbeis AI Consulting

About Alex

Aleksandr Malyshev studied computer science at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies, receiving a scholarship for selected students due to high academic performance. The commission highly appreciated his bachelor thesis (“Improving the methods of advertisement recommendations using modern machine learning approach”), and these results have been implemented in Yandex Corp., which led to significant improvement in advertisement quality. After graduation, Aleksandr started consulting corporations, including LG, Unilever, Electrolux, about IT and digital transformation. Leading the international community, Major League Hacking has selected him in a nomination “Top 50 Hackers of 2020” among more than 100,000 people.

Aleksandr Malyshev is a co-founder & company leader of Steinbeis AI Consulting Center (STAI). STAI helps to make businesses more competitive and intelligent. It provides AI Solutions and Software development based on Machine Learning, delivering results through business innovations. Steinbeis AI Consulting Center is based in Stuttgart, and it has a massive network of Data Engineers and software developers worldwide who transform different businesses with AI.

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