Alexandre Pinto

Chief Data Scientist


About Alexandre

Alexandre Pinto is the Chief Data Scientist at Outra, leveraging 20+ years of professional experience including AI Capability, strategic leadership, AI project management and scientific research, and university teaching. Prior experiences range from Director of Data & Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Portugal, managing a P&L of circa €5M and raising the profitability KPI to a CAGR of 19%; to being a seasoned scientific researcher and university professor in AI/ML with 50+ publications and a recipient of the “Excellent Innovation” award, by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar, for the development of the self-supervised machine learning cognitive model Regulated Activation Networks (RANs). Alexandre holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence, and MEng in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Their Sessions

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm 16th June 2021
In-Person Session

Heylo is the UK’s leading part-buy/part-rent home business, and its main mission is to get people into homes. In this session, Mackay and Pinto discuss how Outra’s advanced predictive AI helped...

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