Bruce Daisley

Host of Eat Sleep Work Repeat Podcast, Author & Former VP of Twitter

About Bruce

Bruce Daisley is one of the UK’s most influential voices on how work is evolving.

His book was the UK’s top selling business hardback of 2019 and is an international bestseller – translated into 15 languages.

Previously he spent over a decade running Twitter and YouTube (the latter at Google) for Europe, leaving Twitter as its most senior leader outside of the US. 

Bruce runs the Apple Business Chart topping podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat on work culture.

Their Sessions

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm 16th June 2021

Some people seek purpose in work. Others see it as a means to an end — a way to live with purpose outside of work. Where do you sit on this scale? In this session we explore a variety of ways to...

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