Caroline Gorski

Group Director

Rolls Royce

About Caroline

Caroline has spent 25 years analysing, advising and managing strategic change at the leading edge of technology development, and the transfer of emerging technologies to the commercial market.

Most recently, she holds the role of Group Director of R2 Data Labs, the global data innovation division of Rolls-Royce. R2 Data Labs was formed in 2017 to be a catalyst and accelerator for Rolls-Royce data innovation and is made up of team of around 300 working across the Rolls-Royce Group as federated community of practice. R2 Data Labs develops and matures the new data innovation expertise capabilities and digital first culture needed to achieve Rolls-Royce’s digital strategy.

In March 2020, Caroline and her team from Rolls-Royce founded the Emergent Alliance, a global data-collaboration focused on identifying, amplifying and accelerating economic recovery from COVID-19.

Their Sessions

1:00 pm - 1:40 pm 14th June 2021
Curated with: techUK

Edge computing is entering an extraordinary new phase of capabilities. Join our panel of experts as we look at how Edge has the potential to unlock the value of data assets, as well as enabling...

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