Chibeza Agley

CEO & Co-Founder

Obrizum Group

About Chibeza

Dr. Chibeza co-founded OBRIZUM Group Ltd with two colleagues from the University of Cambridge. Dr. Agley helped grow the company from its origins as an interdisciplinary academic-to-industry consultancy service, to a fully scalable deep technology business supporting multinational corporations in a variety of industries worldwide. OBRIZUM Group Ltd. is creating deep proprietary data driven digital learning technologies to revolutionise enterprise learning and knowledge management. Dr. Agley was instrumental in developing and installing the company’s divisional structure which provides financial resilience, improved client experience, and numerous routes for highly scalable growth. At the core offering is OBRIZUM®, an Artificial Intelligence powered software platform that allows large companies working in any vertical, to automatically create, personalise and measure digital learning and customer engagement at scale.