Christian Kroll

Founder and CEO


About Christian

Christian Kroll runs the world’s largest environmentally aware search engine Ecosia, which uses its profits from searches to plant trees. He came up with the idea for Ecosia while travelling in Nepal and then South America. Christian was shocked to find himself driving for miles and miles in vast soy plantations where rainforests used to exist. This gave him the determination to start Ecosia in 2009 – Ecosia is now one of the most prolific tree-planting organisations in the world, and also one of the world’s largest environmental movements. Christian stands against unregulated capitalism, and wants to see the model changed for the better. He doesn’t believe being wealthy is the key to happiness nor does he believe overconsumption is appropriate in a world where we need to fight climate change. Christian made it legally irreversible for anyone to sell Ecosia or to take profits out of it, and is against evading taxes and selling user data.

Their Sessions

5:00 pm - 5:40 pm 15th June 2021

As our relationship with the internet becomes more and more personalized, it’s becoming harder for us to protect our privacy, as our every move is being detected, tracked, and sold off in...

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