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Christopher Coker is Director of LSE IDEAS, LSE’s foreign policy think tank. His publications include Rebooting Clausewitz (Hurst, 2015), Men at War:what fiction has to tell us about conflict Iliad to Catch 22 (Hurst, 2014), The Improbable War:China, the US and the logic of Great Power War (Hurst, 2015), Future War (Polity, 2016). His most recent book is What War? (hurst, 2021). He was a Professor of International Relations at LSE, retiring in 2019. He is a former twice serving member of the Council of the Royal United Services Institute, a former NATO Fellow and a regular lecturer at Defence Colleges in the UK, US, Rome, Singapore and Tokyo. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the National Institute for Defence Studies in Tokyo, the Rajaratnam School for International Studies, Singapore, the Political Science Dept in Chulaongkorn University, Bangkok and the Norwegian and Swedish Defence Colleges.

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12:00 pm - 12:40 pm 14th June 2021

With Russia, China and the US all wrestling for power amongst a divergence of interests, we ask how can global superpowers cohabit peacefully? Join us as we look at the hurdles of coordinating...

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1:00 pm - 1:55 pm 14th June 2021

Though geopolitical struggle for power in the world is ongoing, the COVID pandemic seems to have acerbated it by impacting economic and political stability in all parts of the world. In...

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