Courtney Carlsson

CEO & Founder


About Courtney

Courtney is founder & CEO of Paradym, an award winning emotional identity coach designed to break negative emotional patterns. Rooted in evidence based research, Paradym gives you tools that are proven to work for your mental wellbeing. It was created by coaches, psychologists and researchers, and has already helped people in 100+ countries.

Paradym’s mission is to provide an ethical, evidence-based mental health solution to support the 1.67 billion people looking for access to mental health care, but unable to get it.

Courtney is a transformational life coach, and has 15 years of experience at the intersection of creativity and growth across startups and corporates in New York, DC, London, Singapore & Paris. 

Courtney believes that self awareness and emotion regulation are the ultimate superpower.

Courtney is half Swedish, half Filipina, born in Chicago and raised in London. English is her mother tongue, but she also speaks French, and a bit of Swedish, Tagalog, Italian, and she learnt Mandarin for five years.

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