Dorothy Gordon

Chair, Board Member

World Summit Awards

About Dorothy

Dorothy Gordon is a leader in the field of technology and development with a special focus on Africa. She works to bring about greater engagement on the impact of technology on society.

In addition to serving as Chair of the Inter-Governmental Council for UNESCO’s Information for All Programme, she also participates on range of Boards including that of UNESCO IITE, the Linux Professional Institute and the World Summit Awards. She is a member of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence expert working group. Previously she was the Director-General of a Centre of Excellence in ICT.

A strong supporter of the Open Movement, she is an advocate for the ROAM principles, the use of Open licenses, open source technology towards purpose-driven innovation.

Their Sessions

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm 15th June 2021

To what extent is the developing world “at the table” for AI policy, and what can be done to improve that? As the world transitions towards new models of AI governance, rebalancing...

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